Jean nkuété : “The Cameroonian people are patiently awaiting the proclamation of the results of the vote by the Constitutional Council”

Read the post electoral declaration by Jean Nkuété, Secretary General of the Central Committee of the CPDM, president of the National Commission for the Supervision of the Campaign of the CPDM.

Fellow compatriots,

As you have all noticed, the Presidential Elections of the 7th October 2018 took place all over the national territory in an atmosphere of calm and transparency, in the presence of several national and international observers.

The CPDM and all its political allies greet all the electors who massively came out to freely accomplish their civic duty.

We wish to particularly thank the militants of the CPDM, those of other political parties, as well as members of civil society organizations, who gave their support to President Paul BIYA, candidate of the CPDM.

All through the electoral campaigns, and on election’s day, our compatriots distinguished themselves by their patriotism and good manners, which is proof of their political maturity and the deep entrenchment of democracy in our society.

In spite of the fact that, the Cameroonian people are patiently awaiting the proclamation of the results of the vote by the Constitutional Council within fifteen (15) days, as provided for by the Electoral Code, certain candidates are making inflammatory declarations, to autoproclaim themselves as the victors. They are doing this, in a bid to cause an uprising of the population to defend an imaginary victory, create an atmosphere of tension, insecurity and violence in our country. From all evidence, such behavior is characteristic of political frailty. It translates a disregard for the rules of democracy and its institutions, which the authors plan to defend by becoming candidates of the Presidential Elections. We express our surprise, our indignation and worry, in the face of such seditious and irresponsible declarations, that have no foundation.

We ask all our compatriots to remain peaceful, as we await the results of the election, to calmly go about their occupations and to not cede to any form of provocation.

It is important to recall the attachment of the National President, His Excellency Paul BIYA and the entire nation, to peace, and respect of the laws and institutions, which constitutes the bedrock of our living together

The CPDM and its allies call on the utmost vigilance to block the way to all forms of maneuvers which seek to compromise peace and tranquility in our country, and that the rule of law must prevail.

Yours sincerely